Forthcoming decisions

    Forthcoming decisions
    Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
    Decision Statement regarding Burntwood Neighbourhood Plan proceeding to Referendum11/11/2019For Determination11/02/2020
    Amendments to the list of Buildings of Local Architectural and Historic Interest05/11/2019For Determination10/12/2019
    Local Plan Review - Preferred Options consultation*30/07/2019For Determination12/11/2019
    Options for Legal Services10/06/2019For Determination12/11/2019
    Revenues and Benefits Fit for Future Fundamental Review28/10/2019For Determination03/12/2019
    Report on performance against our Delivery Plan – half year 2019/2028/10/2019For Determination03/12/2019
    Update to the Property Investment Strategy28/10/2019For Determination03/12/2019
    Review of Lichfield's Trade Waste Services14/10/2019For Determination14/01/2020
    *Review of the Joint Waste Service14/10/2019For Determination03/12/2019
    Development of a Community Lottery20/09/2019For Determination12/11/2019
    Removal of Cash Boxes at Frog Lane and Burntwood Library13/09/2019For Determination12/11/2019
    The Future Strategic Direction of the Council's Financial Information System13/09/2019For Determination14/01/2020
    *Housing, Homelessness and Rough Sleeping Strategy 2019-202412/08/2019For Determination11/02/2020
    *Homelessness and Rough Sleeping12/08/2019For Determination03/12/2019
    *Changes to the Housing Options service12/08/2019For Determination11/02/2020
    Revised Hackney Carriage Fares12/08/2019For Determination12/11/2019
    Strategic Plan 2020 - 202412/04/2019For Determination
    Discretionary Housing Payment Policy15/03/2019For Determination12/11/2019
    Medium Term Financial Strategy (Revenue and Capital) 2018-2322/02/2019For Determination11/02/2020
    Money Matters 2019/20: Review of the Financial Performance against the Financial Strategy April to November22/02/2019For Determination11/02/2020
    Calculation of Business Rates 2020/21, Council Tax Base for 2020/21 and the projected Collection Funded Surplus/Deficit for 2019/2022/02/2019For Determination03/12/2019
    Money Matters 2019/20: Review of the Financial Performance against the Financial Strategy April to September 201822/02/2019For Determination03/12/2019


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