The Constitution - Friday, 21st May, 2021

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Part 1 Summary and Explanation pdf icon PDF 441 KB

Summary and Explanation

The Council’s Constitution


Part 2 Articles of the Constitution pdf icon PDF 697 KB

Article 1 The Constitution

Article 2 Councillors

Article 3 Residents and The Council

 Article 4 The Council

Article 5 Chairing The Council

Article 6 Overview and Scrutiny Committees

Article 7 The Cabinet

Article 8 Planning and other Committees

Article 9 Panels and Forums

Article 10 The Audit and Member Standards Committee

Article 11 Joint Arrangements

Article 12 Officers

Article 13 Decision Making

Article 14 Finance, Contracts and Legal Matters

Article 15 Review and Revision of the Constitution

Article 16 Suspension, Interpretation and Publication of the Constitution

Schedule 1 – Description of Cabinet Arrangements                                                 



Part 3 Responsibility for Functions pdf icon PDF 473 KB

Responsibility for Functions Index

Section 1-Responsibility for Local Choice Functions

Section 2-Responsibility for Council Functions

Section 3-Responsibility for Cabinet Functions

Scheme of Delegations to Officers


Part 4 Rules of Procedure pdf icon PDF 2 MB

Standing Orders for Meetings

Access to Information Procedure Rules

Budget and Policy Framework Procedure Rules

Cabinet Procedure Rules

Overview and Scrutiny Procedure Rules

Financial Procedure Rules

Contract Procedure Rules

Employment Procedure Rules

Recommended Periods for the Retention of Documents

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Part 5 Codes and Protocols pdf icon PDF 563 KB

Members’ Code of Conduct

Officers’ Code of Conduct

Protocol on Member/Officer Relations

Outside Bodies Appointments

Additional documents:


Part 6 Members Allowance Scheme pdf icon PDF 368 KB


Part 7 Governance Structure pdf icon PDF 331 KB