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    Issues Paper - Application ref 19/00753/OUTMEI - Rugeley Power Station, Armitage Road, Armitage, Rugeley


    Purpose of report was to highlight to members that a strategic major planning application had been received and to allow members the opportunity to raise any key planning issues that they would wish to be included or expanded upon when the full report comes before them for consideration and determination at a later date.


    The Planning Officer explained the proposals and set out the planning context.


    Issues raised by Members included:-


    Education/Welfare provision – questioned whether welfare facilities would be retained/provided for those using the lake/former borrow pit.  If facilities lost would like assurance that facilities elsewhere would be provided.


    Highways – access and egress points throughout the site need to be fully considered particularly following the consequences of the Hawksyard Estate where there are local access and egress issues, with only one access/egress provided and still there’s a second point of access being unofficially used there by residents.


    Affordable Housing – would like clarification on the housing mix and provision and the housing numbers to be attributed to Lichfield District verses Cannock District.  Whose housing numbers would this housing development count against?


    Welcome retention of the Borrow Pit Lake.


    Vehicular Access from Armitage Road – need to consider quantum of housing that would be served by this one access – clarification on the appropriateness of this sought including:–


    Impact that it would have on the refuse collections.


    Flood Risk & Drainage – need to ensure the drainage of land is addressed fully following the experience from Hawksyard Estate that experience standing water.


    Cycles & Pedestrian connectivity – important to ensure good pedestrian and cycle connectivity, including good links to facilities including café and small retail that can walk to in order to reduce motor vehicle use.


    HS2 need to be fully reviewed as part of the background to this application including the use of part of the land as a compound for HS2.


    Parking provision – need to ensure adequate provision within the development and learn from mistakes elsewhere in district.  Also need road design to include sufficient room for two cars to pass on all roads. 


    Health and Wellbeing Strategy - sport and recreation facilities important to us – consider opportunities for people to participate close by to where they live – important to have as many facilities as possible close to the new housing.


    Solar panel in middle of site – questioned whether it will be an energy neutral development.


    Primary School provision – need to ensure sufficient secondary school provision is provided as well as primary school as Friary school already full.


    Sport and Recreation – noted the existing miniature railway within site to be lost – asked if it can be retained and reconfigured/for a community benefit – as of national interest.


    Contamination Land – questioned how this is to be dealt with?


    Demolition/site clearance and remediation – noted its’ a massive civil project – question how much can be done without disruption? What materials can be used/retained on-site? What protection will be given to public when demolition takes place.


    As much of the existing material should remain on-site as is possible.


    Officer noted that demolition works has already been granted consent and a lot of materials to be demolished are due to be kept on-site in large basements – there is not a lot that will be taken off-site.


    Proximity of the Trent Valley Railway Station – should seek to incorporate railway links into this development wherever possible – connectivity with pedestrians, cycle access etc.



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