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Homelessness and Rough Sleeper Pathway proposals and potential use of S106 commuted sums.

Meeting: 12/03/2019 - Cabinet (Item 8.)

8. Homelessness and Rough Sleeper Pathway Proposals and Potential Use of S106 Commuted Sums pdf icon PDF 478 KB

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            The Cabinet:


1.1       Approved and delegated to the Head of Service and Cabinet Member the award of theprocurement exercise for a partner to deliver the homelessness and rough sleeper housing pathwayservice costing up to £125,000 for an initial 2 year period, with possible extension of 2 years, subject tothe success of the project and availability of funds.


1.2       Approved the alternative use for the Approved Capital Programme projects funded bycommuted sum monies and potentially from existing external grant to purchase properties to provideaccommodation as part of the proposed housing pathway model.


1.3       Approved and recommended to Council the delegation of next steps to the Head of Serviceand Cabinet Member, to acquire property for this project from a minimum approved budget of£400,000up to a maximum of £809,000 of additional housing reserveswith oversight by the s151officer and monitoring officer. Additional expenditure will only occur if the project proves successfuland further capacity is required.


1.4       Approved the creation of a sinking fund to provide funding for upgrades to the properties and an earmarked reserve for the transfer of any surplus between income and spend to enable reinvestment in future options to alleviate homelessness and rough sleeping.