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Decisions published

06/02/2024 - Medium Term Financial Strategy (Revenue and Capital) ref: 630    For Determination

To approve and recommend to Council:

-The MTFS including the Revenue Budget and Capital Programme.

-The MRP Policy.

-Treasury Management Strategy.

-Prudential Indicators.

Decision Maker: Cabinet

Made at meeting: 06/02/2024 - Cabinet

Decision published: 07/02/2024

Effective from: 06/02/2024


The Cabinet:


2.1          Delegated to the Cabinet Member for Finance and Commissioning and the Assistant Director – Customer, Resident and Business Services responsibility to award Retail Discount and Supporting Small Business Relief to businesses which are eligible during 2024/25.


The Cabinet recommended to Council for approval:


2.2          The 2024/25 Revenue Budget of £15,330,000, Council Tax Requirement of £7,929,000 and a District Council proposed Band D Council Tax for 2024/25 of £192.85 (an increase of £5 or 2.66% on 2023/24).


2.3          The MTFS 2023-28 Revenue Budgets and 25 year revenue financial planning model in APPENDIX A.


2.4          The MTFS 2023-28 Capital Strategy including the 25 year capital investment model and the Capital Programme shown in APPENDICES B & C.


2.5          The recommended increase in the Minimum Level of General Reserves from £1,900,000 to £2,000,000.


2.6          The recommended approach to funding Business-as-Usual Capital Investment in 2027/28.


2.7          The updated approach to the pay award in 2024/25, planning fees, car parking fees, contract/other inflation, regeneration initiatives and Treasury Management investment income.


2.8          The recommended provisional inclusion of a cost of living contingency budget of £50,000 in 2025/26.


2.9          The recommended increase of £398,000 in 2024/25 and the provisional inclusion of an in-year growth/contingency budget of £250,000 in 2025/26.


2.10       The Minimum Revenue Provision Statement for 2024/25, at APPENDIX D, which sets out the Council’s policy of using the asset life method for making prudent provision for debt redemption.


2.11       Treasury Management Strategy Statement for 2024/25 APPENDIX E.


2.12       The Investment Strategy Report (APPENDIX F) where no changes are recommended for 2024/25.


2.13       The Capital and Treasury Prudential Indicators for 2023-28 in the financial implications section.


2.14       The Authorised Limit Prudential Indicator shown within the financial implications section.


The Cabinet noted:


2.15       The requirements and duties that the Local Government Act 2003 places on the Authority on how it sets and monitors its Budgets, including the CFO’s report on the robustness of the Budget and adequacy of Reserves shown in APPENDIX G.


2.16       The results of the Budget Consultation summarised at APPENDIX H.


Lead officer: Anthony Thomas

06/02/2024 - Money Matters 2023/24 : Financial Monitoring ref: 629    For Determination

To note the report and the issues raised on this.

Decision Maker: Cabinet

Made at meeting: 06/02/2024 - Cabinet

Decision published: 07/02/2024

Effective from: 06/02/2024


  The Cabinet:


1.1          Noted the report and issues raised within and that Leadership Team with Cabinet Members will continue to closely monitor and manage the Medium Term Financial Strategy.

1.2      Approved the commencement of an open procurement process and delegated the award of the contract for the housing redevelopment for the Bore Street Shops to the Cabinet Member for Finance and Commissioning subject to the full cost being within Approved Budgets.


1.3      Approved the commissioning works to enable the Council to prepare for mandatory Biodiversity Net Gain (BGN) and establish a brokerage service from LWMTS for £70,000 (funded by BNG grant of £52,857 and Council funding of £17,143).



Lead officer: Anthony Thomas

06/02/2024 - Introduction of Digital Electoral Polling System ref: 631    For Determination

The approach supports the need to support vulnerable residents across the district who do not have access to alternatives sources of support. It also addresses the only negative impact identified in the equality impact assessment for the 2023/2024 main council tax support scheme.


The approach will also maximise support for local households by fully distributing the remaining funds and will ensure funds are not returned unspent to central government.

Decision Maker: Cabinet Member Decision

Decision published: 06/02/2024

Effective from: 14/02/2024


The Leader of the Council approved the immediate purchase of the Modern Polling system and to enter a 4-year contract for the system with Modern Democracy; and


Delegated authority to the Returning Officer to sign any required updated agreements to facilitate data sharing, data protection and cyber security to ensure compliance with requirements of the Elections Act 2022.


Wards affected: (All Wards);

Lead officer: Christine Lewis