Forthcoming decisions

Forthcoming decisions
Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Garden Waste Stickers05/05/2022For Determination03/06/2022
Printing Services - Council Tax25/05/2022For Determination09/2022
Medium Term Financial Strategy12/05/2022For Determination12/07/2022
Treasury Management Contract Award28/04/2022For Determination28/05/2022
LDC Nature Recovery Declaration25/04/2022For Determination07/06/2022
Staffordshire Sustainability Board Climate Change Vision and Base Pledge25/04/2022For Determination07/06/2022
To approve the updated LCTSS scheme to Council12/04/2022For Determination28/02/2023
To recommend the updated LCTSS scheme to Council12/04/2022For Determination14/02/2023
Update on the review of the Local Council Tax Support Scheme (LCTSS)12/04/2022For Determination06/12/2022
Update on the review of the Local Council Tax Support Scheme (LCTSS)12/04/2022For Determination04/10/2022
Update on the review of the Local Council Tax Support Scheme (LCTSS)12/04/2022For Determination05/07/2022
Second Update -Development Management Service Review & Improvement Plan11/04/2022For Determination10/05/2022
Locality Based Working11/04/2022For Determination05/07/2022
Lichfield District Youth Council - Policy Proposal11/04/2022For Determination05/07/2022
BABC Commercial Structures & Trading Activity11/04/2022For Determination17/05/2022
Stychbrook Park Appropriation18/03/2022For Determination17/05/2022
Supply of Mobile Telephones Connection and Associated Voice and Data Services17/03/2022For Determination06/2022
Consideration of Contract of a replacement HGV fleet for Operational Services08/03/2022For Determination06/2022
Infrastructure Hosting Agreement17/01/2022For Determination06/2022
Online Learning, Compliance and People Performance System Support Contract17/01/2022For Determination06/2022
Money Matters 2021/22 : Review of the Financial Performance against the Financial Strategy April to March 202217/01/2022For Determination07/06/2022
Acquisition of land at The Friary, Lichfield (University car park)15/11/2021For Determination05/07/2022
Performance Report 202218/10/2021For Determination10/05/2022
Local Plan 2040 - Submission and Local Development Scheme update22/09/2021For Determination10/05/2022
Procurement Forward Plan 2022/2306/09/2021For Determination10/05/2022
Procurement Matters 2021/202206/09/2021For Determination07/06/2022