Issue - decisions

Money Matters 2023/24 : Review of the Financial Performance against the Financial Strategy April to November 2023

07/02/2024 - Money Matters 2023/24 : Financial Monitoring

  The Cabinet:


1.1          Noted the report and issues raised within and that Leadership Team with Cabinet Members will continue to closely monitor and manage the Medium Term Financial Strategy.

1.2      Approved the commencement of an open procurement process and delegated the award of the contract for the housing redevelopment for the Bore Street Shops to the Cabinet Member for Finance and Commissioning subject to the full cost being within Approved Budgets.


1.3      Approved the commissioning works to enable the Council to prepare for mandatory Biodiversity Net Gain (BGN) and establish a brokerage service from LWMTS for £70,000 (funded by BNG grant of £52,857 and Council funding of £17,143).