Issue - decisions

Medium Term Financial Strategy (Revenue and Capital)

07/07/2021 - Medium Term Financial Strategy (Revenue and Capital)

The Cabinet


1.1 Approved the allocations from the risk and recovery budget shown at paragraph 3.8 of the report totalling £571,000.


1.2 Delegated authority to the Leader and relevant Heads of Service to implement proposals based on the allocated budget.


1.3  Approved the approach to setting targets, identified at paragraph 3.40 of the report and a theme based approach to delivering sustainable MTFS savings, identified at paras 3.45 to 3.49 is implemented with a savings target of £500,000 for 2022/23.


1.4  Accepted the further grant of £92,501 from the Welcome Back Fund, approved an update to the Medium Term Financial Strategy on the basis that spend proposals are cost neutral or can be accommodated within existing budgets and delegated to the Head of Economic Growth and Development Services authority to complete all related agreements.


1.5. Delegated to the Cabinet Member for Finance, Procurement and Revenues & Benefits responsibility to agree the form and timetable for the Budget Consultation covering 2022/23.