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    Local Plan and related spatial policy matters update


    The Committee received a report giving an update on the Main Modifications consultation, Local Plan review, Statement of Community Involvement and Neighbourhood Plans. 


    It was reported that the responses received for the consultation on the Local Plan Allocations Main Modifications had been submitted to the Planning Inspector for his consideration and it was noted that the next steps would for the Inspector to finalise his report and submit it for fast checking by the Council.  The Committee noted that there was no timeframe for this to happen.


    The Committee went through the responses, specifically those from the Main Modifications consultation and the following observations were made.


    Comments were made regarding the representation received by Birmingham City Council and there were concerns that it could be interpreted as an assumption that Lichfield District Council would take their housing requirements.  It was noted however that there was a duty to cooperate but not capitulate and discussions were continuing and positive.  It was noted that housing numbers had reduced over time and there could need to be some concession to prevent the Government dictating what area provided what level of housing for the greater Birmingham area. The comments made by Walsall Metropolitan Council were also noted and there were concerns as they had objected to the modifications.


    The green belt was discussed further and there was consensus that although there was desire to keep it, there was nationally pressure to re draw the lines and there may be need to lose some to keep the rest.  Members noted that there could be difficult decisions to make on this in the future.


    Regarding the Statement of Community Involvement consultation it was asked if the request from Lichfield City Council to publish its list of consultees be reconsidered and it was agreed to look at this again and get back to Members.


    Neighbourhood plans was discussed and it was agreed for the Cabinet Member to encourage Burntwood Town Council as much as possible to move forward with their plan.  It was asked if any feedback from early plan adopters as this analysis may give some insight as to why other areas are not as forthcoming as hoped.  It was noted that there would be a review of the CIL charging and this may help as there had been concerns over the two tier system.  It was also agreed that managing expectations was required as many had been disappointed that they could not fully dictate what development happened in their area but shape instead.


    RESOLVED: (1)        That the summary of Local Plan Allocations Main Modification responses, and Council responses be noted;

    (2)        That the progress associated with the Local Plan Review be noted;

    (3)        That Cabinet be recommended to approve the summary of comments and officer responses in respect of the Statement of Community Involvement;

    (4)        That Cabinet be recommended to approve the updated Statement of Community Involvement for adoption subject to the changes identified;

    (5)        That the recent progress in relation to neighbourhood plans within Lichfield District be noted; and

    (6)        That the minutes of the 19th December 2018 Local Plan Sub Group be noted.




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