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New Leisure Centre Member Task Group

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Information about New Leisure Centre Member Task Group

This is a Member Task Group created under the instruction of our Overview & Scrutiny Committee to have a close overview of the new build project as it progresses over time.  The Task Group will also facilitate an agreed option for the new development and a mechanism for its delivery.


Member Task Groups are formed to look at a particular matter in more detail. They can take a variety of forms, from detailed policy development to a short, sharp concentrated focus on an issue. They meet on an informal basis but notes are taken and are reported to the Overview & Scrutiny Committee and available to view on our website.


They offer the opportunity to investigate and consider all options freely even if it is to discount them.  They are not a decision making body but can make recommendations for other bodies to consider.  Their views are not to be considered as formed policy or as an agreed course of action.