Agenda and minutes

This meeting was delayed till 18:15, Regulatory and Licensing Committee - Thursday, 29th July, 2021 6.00 pm

Venue: Council Chamber

Contact: Will Stevenson 


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Apologies for Absence


There were apologies from Brian Yeates, Alistair Little and Paul Ray.


Declarations of Interest


There were no declarations of interest received.


Minutes of the Previous Meeting pdf icon PDF 193 KB


The minutes of the previous meeting held 25 February 2021 were approved as read.


Work Programme pdf icon PDF 112 KB


The Committee noted the current contents of the Work Programme and were informed that this would be updated in advance of later meetings.


Proposed Diversion of Part of Public Footpath - Fradley and Streethay No 10 ( part) in the Parish of Fradley and Streethay pdf icon PDF 263 KB

Additional documents:


The committee was informed of the Proposed Diversion of Part of Public Footpath in Fradley and Streethay. It was noted that this proposal also goes to the County to confirm Lichfield District Council can undertake the Footpath diversion. Lichfield District Council can then commence the consultation process.

With regards to the proximity of the diversion to the railway line, Councillors sought  clarification on who was responsible for overseeing the safety aspects of this and who was responsible for checking the site. It was explained that Network Rail had been consulted on safety and had no objections to the proposal. It was also explained that Lichfield District Council would check the completed footpath and consult with the County Council.

The Committee were informed that whilst members were free to informally discuss the proposed footpath diversion and close proximity planning application with members of the Planning Committee, they could not pass any motion that would restrict the Planning Committee on that proposal as it was an entirely separate and monitored application.



RESOLVED: Members unanimously approved the Proposed Diversion of Part of Public Footpath Fradley andStreethay No.10.



Business & Planning Act 2020 EXTENSION pdf icon PDF 298 KB


The Business & Planning Act 2020 Extension report was presented to the committee by the Partnerships, Community Safety and Licensing Manager. It was explained that the £700 cost outlined in the report was the amount typically reported by other local authorities.


Councillors asked for more clarity for blue badge holders who are not aware of parking changes relating to the suspension of disabled parking bays and pavement licences. It was explained that pavement licence holders wishing to reapply for their licence will be required to put up a notice advising of their application and that how to make clear where pavement licences are in operation in disabled parking bays would be looked into.


Councillor Cross questioned why the committee was considering waiving the fee of £100 for pavement licences when business were now operating more successfully than had been the case this time last year. He proposed that the Council should not waive the fee for pavement licences – this amendment was seconded by Councillor Salter. The Chair noted the concerns raised but stated that as businesses were looking to operate outside rather than inside to reduce the spread of Covid-19, in the interest of public health the Committee should err on the side of the report recommendation. In addition to this, Councillor Anketell noted that business operating on an outdoor-only basis were still facing tight financial margins with regard to the pavement licence fee.



RESOLVED: The proposed amendment was defeated unanimously. Members approved the original proposals set out in the report unanimously.


Taxi Licensing Conditions pdf icon PDF 374 KB


The report on Taxi Licensing Conditions was presented to the committee by the Partnerships, Community Safety and Licensing Manager. Councillors stated that taxi drivers will need to understand the relaxation set out would not be permanent and will need to be notified of such. It was noted that officers would look at the implementation and managing expectations of the temporary 12 month extension of the age limit from five years on first application to six and on renewal from seven years to eight up to the end of June 2022.

The Committee strongly supported the importance of a consultation on CCTV with taxi drivers operating within the district.

On extending the age limit of electric cars, it was confirmed to the committee that Hybrid vehicles could also be incorporated into the proposals set out. Councillor Baker proposed amending the recommendation to remove the need for a consultation on relaxing vehicle age rules as the information was already available but to include hybrid vehicles in the relaxation.

On the potential impact of rule changes for taxis travelling to and from Birmingham, it was explained that there are short term exemptions being implemented in but officers have not yet had time to look at these.


RESOLVED: The Committee approved the recommendations as amended unanimously.