Agenda and decisions

Cabinet - Tuesday, 6th September, 2022 6.00 pm

Venue: The Committee Room

Contact: Mark Hooper 

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Money Matters : 2022/23 Review of Financial Performance against the Financial Strategy pdf icon PDF 2 MB


The Cabinet:


1.1  Noted the report and issues raised within and that Leadership Team with Cabinet Members will continue to closely monitor and manage the Medium Term Financial Strategy.


1.2  Recommended to Council to approve the creation of a Capital Programme project for Changing Places funded by external grant of £94,285, which is to deliver Changing Places public conveniences at Swan Island and the National Memorial Arboretum.


1.3  Recommended to Council to update the Medium Term Financial Strategy to reflect the budgets shown at para 3.34 that will be funded by the three year UKSPF allocation of £3,285,310.


1.4  Delegated to the Leader the ability to make any necessary amendments to the Investment Plan within the three year UKSPF allocation.


Money Matters: Review of Reserves pdf icon PDF 1 MB


The Cabinet recommended to Council to:


1.1  Repurpose earmarked reserves and agree changes to the Capital Programme detailed at para 3.29 to release reserves that will result in the strategic priorities reserve balance of (£5,169,000).


1.2  Dispose of Venture House and include a budgeted capital receipt of (£650,000) in the Medium Term Financial Strategy to fund strategic priorities (a receipt greater than this level will increase the level of the strategic priorities reserve).


1.3  Approve the inclusion of a project with a budget of £2,000,000 in the Capital Programme (initially equally spread between 2022/23 and 2023/24) for BRS enabling works funded from this capital receipt and the strategic priorities reserve.


The Cabinet:


1.4  Noted that following these changes, there will be (£3,819,000) available in the strategic priorities earmarked reserve to fund other strategic priorities.


Lichfield District Youth Council - Policy Proposal pdf icon PDF 500 KB

Additional documents:


The Cabinet:


1.1  Approved the creation of a District Youth Council for Lichfield District, providing young people with representation and encouraging active citizenship.


1.2  Recommended to Council to approve a £60,000 increase in the Medium-Term Financial Strategy over the next three financial years to provide a budget for the District Youth Council, as set out in the financial implications section of this Cabinet report.


1.3  Recommended to Youth Council that some of their budget is used to fund transport for those children that want to be involved but may not otherwise be able to access the opportunity due to personal/home circumstances.