Agenda and decisions

Cabinet - Tuesday, 8th June, 2021 6.00 pm

Venue: The Council Chamber

Contact: Mark Hooper 


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Money Matters 2020/21 : Review of the Financial Performance against the Financial Strategy April to March 2021

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The Cabinet:


1.1     Noted the report and issues raised within and that Leadership Team with Cabinet Members will continue to closely monitor and manage the Medium Term Financial Strategy.


1.2     Noted the transfers to or from general and earmarked reserves at 31 March 2021.


1.3     Noted that, in terms of the financial impact of COVID-19, there was a significant impact in 2020/21 with a projected lower financial impact in 2021/22 and potentially beyond.


1.4     Approved £762,000 of Capital Programme slippage related to 2020/21 being added to the Approved Budget in 2021/22 as outlined at Appendix E of the report.

Cabinet recommended to Council:


1.5     To approve the actual 2020/21 Prudential Indicators contained within the report.


Burntwood Neighbourhood Plan Final Decision Statement

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The Cabinet:

1.1     Noted the results of the referendum for the Burntwood Neighbourhood Plan.

1.2     Agreed to the making of the Burntwood Neighbourhood Plan and that this decision be reported to Full Council.



CIL Allocation of Strategic Fund - Revised Allocation Criteria

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            The Cabinet:


1.1       Approved the revised policy and procedure for determining the allocation of Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) monies to meet strategic infrastructure requirements. 


1.2       Agreed that the implementation of the approach be monitored and kept under review in order to ensure that it reflects up to date Local Plan policy with regard to infrastructure needs and also any future relevant legislative changes to CIL.


1.3       Agreed the following revisions to the CIL governance process:


·        That the CIL Annual Financial Monitoring report (April) and mid-year update (October) are agreed by the Cabinet member for Economic Development and Local Plan, Parks & Leisure in consultation with the Head of Economic Growth and Development and reported as a briefing paper to the Council’s Overview & Scrutiny committee.


·        That the approval of transfer of CIL monies related to the Cannock Chase and River Mease Special Areas of Conservation (SACs) and Neighbourhood CIL is delegated to the Cabinet member for Economic Development and Local Plan, Parks & Leisure in consultation with the Head of Economic Growth and Development.


·        That the current Joint Member and Officer Group (JMOG) is disbanded and consideration of the future preparation and revision of CIL policies, procedures and proposals including approval of spending discretionary CIL allocations for strategic infrastructure projects is made the responsibility of the Strategic Infrastructure Group (SIG) in conjunction with the Cabinet member for Economic Development and Local Plan, Parks & Leisure.


·        That the operation of the SIG is scrutinised by the new Overview & Scrutiny committee and/or any such Task Group established for this purpose.


1.4    The Cabinet recommended to Council that the revised policy, procedure and governance arrangements be approved and adopted.





Extension of the Vehicle Contract for Operational Services

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The Cabinet approved:


·        An extension to the existing fleet contract with SFS Ltd for a period of one year from 1st April 2022.


·        The expenditure on ancillary equipment and its funding from existing budgets,


·        The undertaking of a review of procurement options for the replacement of the vehicle fleet in April 2023.