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    Minutes of the Previous Meeting pdf icon PDF 75 KB


    RESOLVED: That the minutes of the meeting held on the 23rd January 2018 as circulated were approved as a correct record and signed by the Chairman.


    Work Programme pdf icon PDF 67 KB


    Consideration was given to the work programme.  It was noted that the Car Park Member Task Group had been scheduled for the 3rd April 2018.  It was reported that some items had been scheduled for the next municipal year including the Local Plan and Public Realm Member Task Group.


    It was asked about historical assets especially in Burntwood and it was reported that a review was currently underway Burntwood was scheduled to be the first Parish to be looked at and a number of building would be added.  It was requested if this update could be added to the September meeting.


    It was then asked if tourism could be considered and it was reported that it could but a specific item needed to be defined.  It was noted that there was a new tourism manager who could aid Members requests.


    RESOLVED:  That the work programme be noted.


    Local Plan Update pdf icon PDF 124 KB

    Additional documents:


    The Committee received a report giving an update on the Local Plan. It was reported that there was a requirement to review the Local Plan and that this was underway.  It was noted that a Strategic Environmental; Assessment Scoping report had been prepared to inform the review which had been subject to consultation and the Committee received the responses collected.  It was also reported that the draft Local Plan Allocations document consultation had closed and a report would be considered by Cabinet and then submitted for Independent Examination in May 2018.


    Members considered the responses to the Strategic Environmental; Assessment Scoping report and agreed that feedback had been positive with no major issues raised.


    It was asked if landscape and biodiversiry was linked to the SPD and it was reported that it was to an extent however it would be too forensic for this level of document.  It was noted that SPD was still integral to the overall Local Plan.

    It was asked if the agricultural sector had been approached to discuss the effect of water supply and it was reported that those sectors would be involved at a later process.


    Members then asked about the cumulative impact on traffic and whether it could be considered through the Plan as it can't at Planning Committee.  It was noted that cumulative impact of development should be considered with the Local Plan site allocations.


    The Committee discussed that the Government was considering changing planning legislation and the potential impact on the work already completed by Officers.  It was noted that Lichfield’s view was to be progressive and keep moving plans forward and so less risky albeit challenging.


    Flooding was discussed further and the Committee felt it was unfortunate that local knowledge wasn’t taken into account by other bodies as the people who pay price would be the buyers who have unmarketable homes.


    HS2 and its impact on ancient woodland was then considered and it was asked how it would affect the district.  It was agreed to have the information after meeting.  It was suggested that the ANOB could be invited to a further meeting to present the findings of their investigations into the matter once it is complete. 


    The Committee noted that the Statement of Community Involvement would need updating and that Neighbourhood Plans were progressing.


    RESOLVED:  (1)       That the comments received and officer responses to the Strategic Environmental Assessment Scoping Report be noted;


    (2)        That the need to update the Council’s Statement of Community Involvement as a result of legislative changes be noted; and


    (3)        That the ongoing progress in relation to neighbourhood plans within Lichfield District be noted.


    Buildings at Risk Update pdf icon PDF 106 KB


    The Committee received a report updating them on the register kept of all listed buildings within the district that are considered to be at risk along with the work being carried out to get assets repaired.


    It was reported that there were 762 listed structures and 16 scheduled ancient monuments in the district.  It was also reported that Historic England had published its list of grade 1 and II* buildings to which Lichfield District had 4 entries.


    It was noted that works was a rolling programme and that the number could go up and down but at the moment there was a good number of buildings being repaired and being brought back into use.  The Committee also noted that the owners of listed buildings were under no obligation to maintain them.  It was noted that the Council had this list to identify the ones at risk before they become too problematic and that there were limited legal powers to force work to be carried out but the property had to be very bad and vacant.  It was noted that there was a small budget to help works.


    It was asked why there were no buildings included from the Burntwood area and it was reported are non that were at risk and so not on this register.  It was also asked why Whittington Golf club was not listed and it was noted that buildings would be added as the Phase 2 route of HS2 was now confirmed.


    Members agreed that it was a good report and that it was vital to protect historical heritage as it was important to tourism.


    Members were pleased to note the progress of Packington Hall and Angel Croft and also that the gates at Angel Croft would be returned once regenerated.


    Members were equally disappointed that Manor House in Hamstall Ridware was still in a state of disrepair. It was noted that it was privately owned but officers were trying to help where they could.  An update was given regarding the Regal cinema site and that Officers were looking at discharging conditions to help development progress.


    RESOLVED:  That the report be noted.


    Review of 2017 Festivals and Events Programme & Preview of 2018 Programme pdf icon PDF 109 KB

    Additional documents:


    The Committee received a report giving details of the events and festivals programme delivered in 2017.  The report also highlighted the key events taking place across the district in 2018 as well as initiatives in terms of marketing, promotion and creating a strong brand and identity for Lichfield.


    It was reported that the Council was looking at different ways to do deliver events which were not as resources intensive as previously and that this was being done through working with partners.  It was noted that the Council still produced the Proms in the Park, Historic Weekends as well as supported the Fuse and Cars in the Park.


    It was recognised that Lichfield was a vibrant area with many events which brought many visitors to the area including the Food festival which had 100k visitors and delivered £4m into city and the Lichfield Festival which brought £2m.


    Economic impact was discussed and it was noted that it was dependant on info from organisers and currently there was little data but now being developed. 


    The Marketing review was debated and it was noted that the findings were as expected as a result was helping to inform a new branding for Lichfield. When asked to elaborate, it was reported that the Visit Lichfield logo and brand was not strong and a sub group on the Lichfield City Centre partnership had funded graphic designers to come up with a new concept.  It was noted that a new Visit Lichfield website being developed and would include this new branding.


    Members were pleased to see the costs and benefits of events however there was some concern that calculations of money into district may be skewed if some traders were not local.  Members also felt that the waivered fee for special events street trading licences should no longer apply as the Council could not support the number of stalls now these events had grown.  It was noted that the Regulatory & Licensing Committee were considering this.


    The Committee gave a note of caution of concentrating events around the City area and not developing activities outside the city.  It was asked if the Council was in contact with the Burntwood Business Community and it was reported that the Tourism Manager had not started to work with them yet but had only been in post four months however it was planned.  It was confirmed that partnership working was already in place with them through the Economic Development Officer. 


    RESOLVED:  That the report be noted.



    Vote of Thanks


    It was proposed, duly seconded and


    RESOLVED:  That the sincere thanks of the Committee be recorded to all the Chairmen and Vice-Chairmen for their work during the past year.


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